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At Flesner Wentzel, we understand that when you need a lawyer, things are usually not going well.  Most people don’t regularly hire or need lawyers and they may not know what to expect when they call or come into a law firm.

Whether you need St. Charles Divorce Attorneys, a Child Custody Lawyer, a Consumer Protection Attorney, Estate Planning Advice, help filing for Bankruptcy, or an aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer, Flesner Wentzel has you covered.  We believe in open, honest communication.  We’ll tell you what the challenges will be in your case so that you know what to expect and whether you want to move forward. Our mission is to simply provide the best, most efficient legal help possible, through open and honest communication, expert knowledge, mutual trust, and understanding. At Flesner Wentzel, you can be confident that your case will be handled with the utmost professionalism and care. We strive to create an environment where our clients feel comfortable talking frequently and openly with our attorneys and where our attorneys are knowledgable and can explain proceedings, simply and effectively.

Flesner Wentzel makes sure we are available to discuss your case, offering night and weekend meeting availability and 24/7 online access to your case file. Together, we will help you overcome your most complex legal issues so you can move forward with your life. We value the same things you do — honest, open communication based on mutual respect and trust.

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“Wow there are no words to describe the situation I was in.
Mayra not only got my rights back as a father, but she also made me feel like
more than just another client.
Great people make great lawyers and this firm lives by these beliefs.”