Maintenance, previously called alimony in Missouri, is a periodic payment of spousal support. It is a major concern for many of our clients facing a divorce.

Maintenance(alimony in Missouri) is not appropriate in all divorces and it is not just awarded to women. The basic consideration of whether maintenance will be proper in your case is whether you or your spouse are able to meet your or their reasonable needs. The amount is balanced between the need of one spouse and the other spouse’s ability to pay. The earnings for both spouses are a major factor, but there are other details that are also considered, including:

  • Income of both spouses from all sources

  • Need of receiving spouse

  • Ability to pay

  • Length of the marriage

Alimony in Missouri

We analyze your financial situation and give you an honest assessment of your situation. Additionally, we will investigate the current circumstances of your spouse, present the facts to the court, and advocate for your position for alimony in Missouri.

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