If you recently received a speeding ticket or another traffic ticket, you may be able to keep the ticket off your driving record. When you pay a traffic ticket without contesting it, points are accessed against your driver’s license. Too many points against you can cause your license to be suspended or revoked.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that in most cases, the charge on the ticket can be amended, so that it does not show up on their record, and they don’t risk losing their license or having their insurance company raise their rates by paying the ticket without appearing in court. It is always important to act early.

At the St. Charles law office of Flesner Wentzel, our traffic attorneys negotiate with the prosecutor on behalf of clients to keep traffic tickets off their record. If we are unable to work out a deal with the prosecutor, we will be take your ticket to trial.

We handle all types of traffic tickets, including:

  • Speeding Tickets

  • No Insurance

  • Driving Without A License

  • Driving With a Suspended License or Revoked License

  • Drunk Driving- DUI/DWI

  • Reckless Driving

  • Failure to Register a Vehicle

  • Stop Sign Violations

  • Seat Belt Tickets

  • Fine Collection Center (FCC) Tickets

  • Improper Lane Use

  • Construction Zone Speeding

  • Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Tickets


Flesner Wentzel is currently handling traffic tickets in St. Charles County, St. Louis County, St. Louis City, Jefferson County, Franklin County and all municipal courts within those counties.  Flesner Wentzel also handles traffic tickets in other counties and Illinois on a case by case basis.  Please call us if you have any questions about whether we can help you with your traffic ticket.  If your ticket is in a county that we do not handle, we can usually refer you to an experienced attorney in that area.

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