There is nothing worse than having to go to court over a dispute related to your business.  Whether you are trying to collect fees owed to you or defending against a claim filed against your business.  At Flesner Wentzel, we have experience filing to collect debts and defending businesses against frivolous claims being brought against them.

St. Louis Area Lawyers Handle Business Lawsuits

Whenever possible, we advise our clients to resolve business disputes without litigation.  Unfortunately, sometimes the other side is just unreasonable and you have no choice but to assert your rights in court and seek what you are entitled to.  This can happen in many situations, however, the most common for businesses are collection lawsuits and defending allegations that your business has failed to do its work correctly.


Collection Cases: It’s sad to say, but sometimes you do exactly what you are supposed to, and your clients just don’t pay the amount that was agreed upon.  Flesner Wentzel will file suit on your behalf to get the Court to agree on the amount they owe you and, if necessary, take action to garnish their wages or bank accounts or execute on other property until you have been paid in full the amount in which you deserve.


Defense Work:  Even good businesses occasionally have a job that doesn’t go according to plan.  When that happens, our attorneys can help you negotiate a resolution with the client.  Sometimes everything does go according to plan, and the client is unhappy and sues anyway.  Our office will give you reasonable advice so you can make an informed decision as to how to proceed, and, if necessary, we will aggressively defend you against unfounded client complaints. We are here to protect you.

Let us handle the case, so you can handle your business.

Business litigation is never fun, but it is sometimes necessary.  If you find your business in need a business litigation attorney, contact Flesner Wentzel at 636-442-4529. Se habla Español