Child support lawyers like Flesner Wentzel understand that when it comes to your child, it is extremely important to have the financial means to provide for his or her everyday needs. Unfortunately, this may be hard to do when disputes regarding the enforcement or modification of your child support order arise. When you are concerned about obtaining or being able to provide the support your child needs, it may be time to take legal action.

Missouri Guidelines

When calculating a child support order, the court uses a complicated form that considers several different factors, including:

  • Income of both parties

  • Health care costs

  • Day care costs

  • Alimony payments

  • Amount of overnights between parent and child

  • Child support paid for other children

Child support orders are determined on a case by case basis and when it is appropriate, we will ask the court to adjust the numbers on the form or to deviate from the form entirely. This often happens when one parent is not working or when the children have special expenses. When you come into our office, you will sit down with an experienced child support attorney to discuss your case. We will give you our honest opinion and help you determine what to expect throughout the process.

Child Support Modifications

Unexpected events such as the loss of a job or an accident resulting in severe injuries for a parent or child can justify grounds for a child support modification. However, if you simply stop paying or do not pay the full amount, you could end up facing criminal non-support charges. The court will look to see if a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. If you believe that you or your spouse has experienced a substantial change in circumstances, we will help you to determine if your child support order can be modified.

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