Many people choose to simply pay their speeding tickets without the help of a lawyer. This is a mistake. When you pay the ticket, you are admitting you are guilty of the violation and allowing the violation to impact your driving record and, potentially, your insurance premiums.  At Flesner Wentzel, our traffic ticket attorneys negotiate with the prosecutor to keep the ticket from adding points to your license.

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If you recently received a speeding ticket or another traffic ticket, you may be able to keep the ticket off your driving record. When you pay a traffic ticket without contesting it, points are accessed against your driver’s license. Too many points can cause your license to be suspended or revoked.

Many people don’t realize that, in most cases, the charge on the ticket can be amended so that it does not show up on their record, and they don’t risk losing their license or having their insurance company raise their rates by paying the ticket without appearing in court.

At Flesner Wentzel, our attorneys are informed about Missouri drunk driving laws. We will review the police reports to make sure that the field sobriety tests and blood alcohol tests were conducted according to Missouri law and, if they were not, we will make sure that they are not used against you and push to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed. We will also work to help you retain your license by challenging the state’s evidence. We are here to protect you and your rights.

In Missouri, commercial drivers are held to a higher standard for safety in driving. Many CDL drivers are not aware of the problems that they may cause by simply paying a traffic ticket, even one written while they were driving a private vehicle. CDL drivers can be fired if certain types of violations appear on their driving records.

A driver’s CDL can be suspended if they have two or more convictions for “Serious Traffic Offenses” within three years. Serious traffic convictions include reckless driving, speeding 15 mph or more above the speed limit, improper or erratic lane changes, following too closely, and any moving violation relating to a fatal crash. Serious traffic convictions also include driving a CMV without obtaining a CDL, driving a CMV without CDL in possession, and driving a CMV without the proper class of CDL or endorsement/restrictions. During a suspension, CDL drivers are unable to drive and often unable to provide for their families.

At Flesner Wentzel, we help clients with CDLs get their traffic ticket charges reduced to things that are not “Serious Traffic Offenses” for purposes of a Missouri CDL. Our attorneys investigate the alleged violation, scrutinize the evidence of against you, and make strong arguments to keep you on the road.