Choosing a Family Lawyer

15 February

Choosing a Family Lawyer

How to Choose the Right Family Law Attorney St Charles

There are many offices for a family law attorney St Charles in the area, and choosing the correct one is no light decision. The right or wrong lawyer can make a significant difference in how a divorce or similar family law case unfolds. Divorce is a very emotional process, which is why you need a lawyer you can trust to have an honest and open conversation with throughout the divorce process. 

Finding an easy to work with Lawyer

Your family law attorney St Charles should be your partner. You will most likely need to provide private information to them in order to better your case. Some of this information can be uncomfortable or embarrassing. A quality lawyer should understand this, and be able to ensure that the information is merely for use in bettering your case, and can help you apply the steps and conversations you are having to how they will benefit you in law. Make sure you are speaking to every attorney you are thinking about hiring. Their website can help with baseline information, but it is always good to have a conversation with them before hiring anyone. Ask questions to yourself like, “do they have experience with cases such as this one? Can I understand when they explain to me? Do I feel like I can trust them?” 

Make sure to be open with your prospective attorney

No need to beat around the bush. You are looking for a quality attorney, and most trained attorneys will understand that. Here are some of the main issues you should discuss with each prospective attorney: 

  • How compatible are you with your attorney? It doesn’t matter how experienced they are, if your personalities butt heads, your case is going to be a difficult one. 
  • How will communication work? Ask each of the prospective lawyers how you will contact them, during the process. Ask about their average response time, having a lawyer delay getting back to you, can be extremely stressful. 
  • Working with your budget. Never forget to talk about money with your lawyer. Lawyers are trained to handle these types of questions upfront. Make your budget very clear, and discuss fees with your lawyer to ensure you can work with each other affordably. 


Above all else, choose a lawyer, not a law firm. Ask your friends and family for recommendations on specific lawyers. Every lawyer is different and should be considered on an individual basis rather than a firm to firm basis. However, no matter the recommendations you receive, the decision should ultimately be yours, based on your needs and preferences. 

An Attorney you can trust 

 When looking for a family law attorney St Charles, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the highest quality service. Flesner Wentzel has been serving the St. Charles area for decades, and we pride ourselves on friendly open communication, and fierce legal help to ensure your case goes your way. Contact the family law attorneys at Flesner Wentzel today, to see how we can help you!