How to Prepare to File for Divorce

1 March

How to Prepare to File for Divorce

If you have decided it is time to end your marriage it is important to know the steps to take before you contact your local divorce lawyers. Divorce can seem daunting, in this blog we will go over how to file for a divorce in Missouri and how to avoid pitfalls. 

Key terms used by Missouri Divorce Lawyers 

In Missouri, a divorce is referred to as a “dissolution of marriage.” When a spouse files for divorce, they are referred to as a “petitioner” with the receiving spouse being the

You cannot file for divorce in Missouri unless at least one spouse has resided in Missouri for at least 90 days. If neither of you or your spouse has lived in Missouri for the required time period. You will be required to wait to file your divorce. 

Getting the Divorce Started 

In order for the divorce to begin, the “Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage” form needs to be completed. All children involved in the marriage (meaning under 18 or unemancipated and under 21), must have their names included in the form, so that the court may make child support and custody orders. 

The website for Missouri Courts contains a pamphlet of fill-in divorce forms. These forms require a lot of information but need to be filled out. Read through all of the information carefully, gather all of the important information, then type it directly into the forms. You can then print them out to file with the court. 

When you file, you must pay a fee to the court or request a waiver for the fee. It is also good to bring more than one copy of your petition. When you decide to file. 

Servicing a Divorce Lawyers Petition 

In Missouri, the respondent is required to be served copies of the petition for dissolution by one of the following methods: 

  • Receiving a copy from a county sheriff at the location in which the respondent lives or works. The sheriff will charge a fee to do this. 
  • Receiving a copy of the petition by a process server-A private process server will charge a fee for the service. 

Have more questions? 

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