Common Divorce Myths

15 April

Common Divorce Myths

Divorce is full of myths and people’s opinions. There is always so much confusion surrounding it than other areas of law because most people know someone who has experienced a divorce or custody case so there are a lot of personal opinions and millions of stories attached to it.

Today we’re going to set you straight on a few myths. Take it from a divorce attorney in St. Charles. Here is some stuff you can stop believing ASAP regarding our firm and custody cases in Missouri:

Your lawyer is making your case complicated to bill you more.

This 100% happens with some law firms and attorneys. However; we care about you and your case. We’re not interested in creating bills you cannot pay. We just do not have the time or energy to manufacture conflict. We ARE interested in your future and your referrals. Our attorneys want to build trust for your case and anything else we might need to help you with later. We want you to tell your friends we’re kick-ass attorneys. Those things just don’t jive with creating nonsense bills. So, what does help keep your bill down? Being reasonable. Being reasonable during your divorce proceedings is one way to keep the bill low. The more unnecessary communication (i.e. fits you throw, the information you think we need and your need to talk about it regardless if we tell you it’s not relevant at this time), the more hours we need to devote to your case. 

Children get to decide which parent they want to live with when they turn X years old.

The first question in every custody case is, what’s in the best interest of the child? Kids do not often know what the answer to that question is, you know because they’re kids. This is not to say the courts will not consider children’s opinions it’s just not the only factor that goes into deciding their best interest. Sometimes children are appointed outside resources to help determine the best interest, and sometimes not. Older children, like those who are 16 or 17, often get more input than younger children on their preferred schedule. However, the idea that kids get to call the shots on custody, is a myth. 

My Divorce will be hella messy.

“If you aren’t pissed/vindictive you aren’t doing it right” doesn’t apply to divorce. A divorce really is the process of dividing up assets and coming to an agreement on how to shut down the marriage. Fights not only affect the finances; it also affects your ability to move to the next chapter of your life. You CAN avoid this. It does not have to be ugly. We have seen it be calm and amicable. Ask us how you can do it too!

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