How to Know When to Get a Divorce

1 November

How to Know When to Get a Divorce

Marital issues are confusing and emotional. Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out when it’s time for a divorce. The attorneys at Flesner Wentzel have gathered some common signs that help you with how to know when to divorce.

How to Know When to Divorce

So, what are the common signs that you may need to begin to look into a divorce? Here are some signs to look out for:

Common Sign #1: Avoiding your partner

If you find yourself avoiding your spouse on a daily basis, it is likely time to consider that you have reached the end of your marriage. It is typical that individuals avoid confrontations with their spouse due to not caring enough about the situation to fix it or fear of compromising their mental or physical health.

If you find that you are afraid to be yourself in front of your spouse due to fear of being mocked or abused, you should file for a divorce. 

Common Sign #2: They no longer feel like your “partner”

Your partner should be someone that you can go to share good or bad news, silly gossip, and more. When it reaches the point where your spouse no longer feels like your partner or friend, it is probably time for a divorce.

Common Sign #3: Lack of trust and/or respect

Did your spouse do something to upset you that you are unable to forgive, it may be a sign that there is damage that cannot be repaired. Issues such as adultery, financial mismanagement, or addiction can all play a role in losing trust or respect for your spouse.

Common Sign #4: You’ve tried to have the hard conversations…with no luck resolving anything

When you’ve put the time and effort into having the uncomfortable conversations and gotten nothing but empty promises and no changes, it’s time to realize that no changes may ever come. 

Common Sign #5: You are worried about what others will think if you split

Oftentimes, a couple in an unhealthy relationship knows that the relationship is unhealthy but is too worried about what others will think to split. However, a divorce is not for other people. A divorce is for you. A divorce of this nature could be classified as a no-fault or uncontested divorce, which would make it a cheaper and relatively painless process. 

Common Sign #6: Using Your Kids as an Excuse to Stay Together

Your kids are obviously an incredibly important part of your life, but they should not be the sole reason for you staying in your relationship. Staying together for the kids can actually be detrimental to your children in the long run. While a child will be sad for a while after a divorce, they will heal better from the divorce than they will from being in a stressful household. 

Choosing the Right Time

There is no one-size-fits-all, black and white answer for how to know when to get a divorce. The decision is one that should be made to better the lives of the involved parties. If you are ready to start exploring the option of divorce, contact the divorce attorneys of Flesner Wentzel today to begin the conversation. 


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