New Year’s Resolutions in 2021

15 March

New Year’s Resolutions in 2021

We’re well into February and with our normal rate at Flesner Wentzel of putting out these blogs, it may be March or April before this gets posted.  Let’s pretend that we did this on purpose because we wanted you to think about the resolutions you made in January.  

So, are New Year’s Resolutions worth it? A handful of us made resolutions in 2020 and were simply cock-blocked by COVID-19, and the goals fell away. It’s hard to accomplish your fitness goal when the gyms shut down. Mostly our goals changed from lose weight, save money, eat a veggie. To: stay alive, do not cry every day, figure out online grocery orders and virtual school.

So, what does that mean for the 2021 goals? I’m not sure. But, I do know some tried and true facts about goal setting that will most likely apply and we can take them into account when setting goals for our, “new normal”.

Make your goal extremely specific.

“Grow my business.” Sounds great, but also meaningless. “Land five new clients a month,” on the other hand, allows you to determine the steps you should take to meet that goal.  The key is to set a goal so specific that you can work backward and create a process designed for it. It’s impossible to know exactly what to do when you don’t know exactly what you want to achieve.

Make your goal positive.

“Stop smoking” is a FAB goal, but it’s also a negative goal. (It’s a lot harder to stop doing something than it is to embrace a new, positive change.)

Plus, setting a goal like “stop eating sweets” means you constantly must choose to avoid temptation, and since willpower doesn’t just magically appear. We use it up like a battery at the beginning of each day. Why put yourself in a position where you constantly need to make the right decision?Always pick positive goals. That way you will be working to become something new (and awesome), rather than to avoid being something you wish away. Say, eat veggies 2X a day. Drink 60oz of water. Think about adding to your life instead of taking away.

Make your goal meaningful to YOU!

Who gives a shit what anyone else thinks of you. What matters is that in 2021 you become prouder of YOU. You achieve something that makes YOU happy. In 2021 you need to survive and thrive in a way that makes you happy! This year, I put on 15lbs and the truth is, my life isn’t any worse for it. It’s hasn’t affected my happiness at all. So, in 2021, weight loss won’t make it on my goal list.

2021 Resolutions with Flesner Wentzel

Our team at Flesner Wentzel hopes that these tips and tricks help you stay on track of your goals and resolutions. What will make it onto your list this year? How will it be different than your 2020 list? Follow along with us on Facebook as we work to stick with our resolutions for 2021.


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