How to find a Divorce Lawyer with a Small Budget, Part 1

1 August

How to find a Divorce Lawyer with a Small Budget, Part 1

Unfortunately, when it comes to divorce, the process will always be expensive no matter the case. Despite this, there are many individuals struggling to complete a divorce without a big budget. This is why we would like to share some of the best tips on how to get a divorce with no money. These tips are meant to help you get the most value out of your divorce lawyer and keep your costs low. 

The Divorce Process

Divorce is an emotionally and financially draining process. By the time the case moves into litigation, oftentimes many parties have become involved or will become involved in the case. A client may feel as though they lack control in their case, and these problems are only amplified in litigation. Judges and courthouse workers must be involved. And, if there is a custody battle an attorney for the child, a forensic evaluator could get involved. Or if required, the court might have to appraise each spouse’s assets, which can get especially expensive if agreements can not be reached. As you’ve likely noticed by now, there are several factors that can impact the cost of a divorce case.

Factors that Impact a Divorce

Even if spouses decide to collaborate rather than mediate or litigate, the objective is almost always the same, and that is to reach a mutually beneficial agreement on the following issues: 

  • Child Support 
  • Whether spousal support is required, how much will be paid, and for how long
  • Whether or not the marital house will be sold or who will reside in it. 
  • What property is considered marital and how will it be divided
  • How much time each spouse will spend with the children
  • How important decisions regarding the children will be made. 

Resolving Issues

Reaching an agreement at home

How these issues are resolved varies widely from couple to couple. The most cost-effective way is simply reaching an agreement at home. This will require attorneys to advise the couple about the law and help negotiate terms. Additionally, the couple will need an attorney to ensure nothing is neglected. From there, an agreement can be drafted and the required documents for the divorce are submitted to the court. When looking for how to get a divorce with no money, this is definitely the most cost-effective way. However, this option is not always possible.  


Some may choose the mediation route. This process includes finding an unbiased legal professional who will act as a mediator. This individual facilitates a settlement and independently reviews attorneys that will be given to each spouse to act as advisors. This is done to ensure both parties understand the agreement. Mediation is a good option for couples who are both committed to resolving the problems without going through a lengthy court battle. Keep in mind, before jumping to mediation, it is recommended that both spouses are highly educated on the values and identity of all assets and liabilities. This will ensure that both parties somewhat agree on what should be done and what is best for their children. This will require a level of trust between parties. 

Collaborative Divorce

Many times couples can agree if they need to learn how to get a divorce with no money. This means that if the first two options are simply not plausible, couples committed to avoiding litigation can attempt a collaborative divorce. CP short for Collaborative Divorce Practice means working with an interdisciplinary team to help reach an agreement. This usually includes a financial neutral when working with assets and liabilities and a mental health professional to mediate issues involving the breakdown of communication and parenting disputes. The CP team’s goal is to create an environment that promotes open communication and cooperation. In the event the couple successfully comes to an agreement, this is significantly less costly than litigation. 


If all else fails, or the case involves a significant breakdown in trust such as with cases involving domestic violence, abuse, child abduction, etc.; it may be best to pursue litigation. This is the most expensive and time-consuming option when it comes to divorce. It is not ideal for someone wanting to know how to get a divorce with no money, however, it is a final solution if necessary. 

Have More Questions? 

Need to know more about how to get a divorce with no money? We’ll be back later in the month with tips to keep divorce costs low. Or, in the meantime, contact the legal experts at Flesner Wentzel today! We would be happy to talk with you about your case and get you the legal help you need to have a smooth and cost-effective divorce process. 


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